Meeting cancellation announcements: 
None at this time.

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Greetings! You have reached the online home of the Civil Air Patrol's Winchester Composite Squadron. 
We are glad you stopped by!

Come Join us: 
When:        Every Tuesday 1830 - 2100 hours  ( 6:30 - 9 pm ) 
Where:      Cherry-Beasley Readiness Center 
Address:   181 Pendleton Drive 
                   Winchester, VA 22602 

Cadets and Senior Members meet every week!
We request arrival between 1815 ~ 1830 hrs ( 6:15 - 6:30 pm ).

   Uniform      Senior Agenda  Cadet Agenda                            
 First Tuesday      Blues  All Hands & Staff Report  Character Development
 Second Tuesday   BDUs  Emergency Services (updated)  Emergency Services
 Third Tuesday    BDUs  Aerospace Education (updated)  Aerospace Education
 Fourth Tuesday  PTUs  Pilot and Ground Team Round Table  Physical Fitness
 Fifth Tuesday  TBD  Special Activity   Special Activity

Hangar and Mailing Address:
    459 Bufflick Road 
    Winchester, VA 22602